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The very first production of 442′s rolled off the assembly line in July 1964. At that time, 442 stood for 4-barrel carburetor, 4-speed transmission, and dual exhaust. In 1964, the engine was a 330 CI that developed 310 HP, which was 20 HP more than the standard cutlass of that same year.

The total production for 1964 was 2,999 – why not 3,000 – who knows? The first 600 cars were 4-door F85′s with the 3-color 442 logos, strange to say, at the least, because their target market was supposed to be the younger, unmarried, power-crazy customers. The 0-60 tests came up with a respectable 7.5 seconds.

Rumor had it that the car was originally designed to be a police pursuit car. This could explain the 4-door, but the success of the GTO quickly changed Oldsmobile’s mind. The sticker price for the 1964 2-door five-passenger hardtop with power steering, power seats, simulated wire wheel covers and the B-09 Police apprehended pursuit package was $3,658.74, just about the same as we would pay today.


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